Who am I?

My name is Benjamin Fleig and I am a photographer, art curator and gallery owner. I have been demonstrating my social ability within our creative workshops since 2002 by working largely with kids and teenagers.


My true motivation to have an influence on kids here in Eupen lies with my sister-in-law Nina Mosblech, who also showed me how to give children access to art from an early age. She has a lot of experience in this area and has worked with and founded many summer courses and kids’ retreats. We believe that the social and personal development of children can be stimulated positively from an early age through art.

However, in Belgium, most of the opportunities for young children in this area are only for children over the age of six. We break this social standard with our project “Ratatouille”, allowing children of the age of six to participate – with fantastic results.

Shortly after initiating the project, I met Claudia Seidensticker from KRASS and everything fit perfectly.

Year of foundation?

KRASS on-site Eupen was founded in 2013 and is registered as a Social Franchise Partner, allowing us to work in all of the German-speaking areas in Belgium.

I benefit from my broad network of schools and artistic institutions in the European region of Maas-Rhein as well as the cultural structure in Eupen. I find it important to take help from firms and private individuals who are interested in supporting us.

My favorite way of advertising is still with simple KRASS flyers and personal contact with those I know.

Current KRASS projects   

Ratatouille – children’s workshop for kids from the age of six


Benjamin Fleig
mobile: +32-87-445931