KRASS Luneburg

Who am I?

My name is Sandra Born and I am an art therapist. I work for KRASS together with Kathrin Wiehen (MBA marketing and yoga teacher for children and teenagers) and Lena Wäbs (environmental educationist).


KRASS on-site Luneburg wants to work artistically with children and teenagers in refugee homes with a mobile studio, thus giving the children room for positive experiences. Programs and projects are planned this way, not only for refugees, but also together with German children, as painting and music are wonderful ways of communicating, has the ability to overcome language barriers and promote integration. Thus creative abilities, social and self competence can be promoted. For this, KRASS on-site Luneburg wants to build a team of artists, educationists, trainees and volunteers who will be supported by management and members of KRASS Duesseldorf.

Year of foundation?

I have been a Social Franchise Partner since January 2016 and work under the name KRASS Luneburg.

Current KRASS projects

We plan weekly programs in refugee homes in and around Lüneburg. During the open studio children and teenagers have the opportunity to express themselves creatively. We also want to integrate mothers with children.

Furthermore we are planning integration projects with kindergartens and schools right here.

In order to turn our visions into reality, we are looking forward to new and old supporters for KRASS on-site Lüneburg!


Sandra Born
Heinser Weg 9
21406 Melkeck


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