Who are we?

Jutta Limgburg is an artist and the team leader of KRASS on-site Trier.

For four years now, we have been leading a group of artists to stimulate the KRASSkids in an array of different areas. Jutta Limburg is in charge of the creative direction.


Our biggest motivation between founding a new KRASS station is to provide kids from all socio-economic conditions as well as mentally and physically disabled kids with a long-term opportunity to express themselves through art. By being exposed to art, kids increase their confidence and are able to positively develop as individuals.

KRASS e.V. is able to help us realize this vision by providing us with competent and professional help and guidance as well as the exchange with ideas and information with other KRASS stations throughout the whole organization.

Year of foundation?

KRASS e.V. Trier was founded in March 2010 as the first dependence in Germany, through the cooperation with several businesses. We began our station with art workshops in schools in socially troubled areas, as well as a youth group, a children’s home and a school for mentally and physically disabled children. All of these courses are still running to date. Our music teacher Sakiko Idei teaches the children in percussion.

As our participants take part in a two-year program with KRASS, we are able to experience the positive development of the children at first-hand, as they become more and more confident in stepping outside of their comfort zone in music and visual art.

The success of KRASS on-site Trier owes a lot to our great network of firms in the city – banks, charities, large cooperate businesses as well as private individuals support our work.

Current KRASS projects

Our biggest and greatest project up until now was a group project with 68 kids and took a whole year to complete. By getting in touch with schools, kids, teachers, parents and grandparents all cooperated in building a 3 meter high plastic. In April, the plastic was given a permanent place in an amusement park by a lake in the city of Riol. The plastic is still being modified artistically with monthly new additions and moderations.

Our focus in 2014 is to get more kids enthusiastic about art in schools and the youth group we have set up.


Jutta Limburg