The “Rosenmontagsumzug” 2019 in Düsseldorf was THE event for around 70 inhabitants and refugees from 12 to 16 years. Next, to the long-term goal of culture and education for everyone, KRASS also aims to interest people for children’s rights. What better place than the Düsseldorf Carnival to support this goal?

The “Rosenmontagsumzug” 2019 in Düsseldorf was THE event for around 70 inhabitants and refugees from 12 to 16 years

The kids made this vision possible by creating their own carnival-Mobil: Noah’s Arch with the motto: “children have rights!” The kids were able to be part of the project because of the help from the Jacques Tilly team. Moreover, the kids were prepared through eight workshops in which they were able to take part in a lot of ideas for the KRASS carnival participation. For example, dancing or drum shows. 

Colorful, noisy and artsy was the motto of the carnival-project. The kids were able to study choreographies for the big day and together with refugees and inhabitants, they even created the costumes themselves! The head of KRASS, Claudia Seidensticker, is especially delighted by the way people overcame language barriers which strengthened the team even more.

Nothing stood in the way of this very successful project. Not only because of motivated children and artists but also because of our very generous sponsors. But read for yourself:

7 motivated employees from METRO-NO, the tech-unit from METRO AG supported the project. But there’s more! They also helped generate funding from their own CSR-Program “We help”.

Additionally, an intense partnership between KRASS and Sonnen Herzog also proved to be very helpful. They supported KRASS by offering 10 000 € as part of a Christmas present. They also support KRASS with further regular donations. Customers can visit the Sonnen Herzog Zentrale at Pinienstraße 20.

The team led by Renate Hirschmann, founder of “Elsa hilft” was very happy to be able to donate some happy and careless hours to the children. This alone is enough motivation to support KRASS in their carnival project.