Self empowerment – Promotion of solidarity – Dealing in cases of conflict

“KunstGEWALTig” is a project to prevent violence and develop tolerance. The using of art gives participants an understanding of self-image, co-responsibility and diversity in community. Dealing with aggression and conflict resolution are the central point of this course.

Course offer for a artistic project to prevent violence & develop tolerance on three levels

In today’s world children and youths are exposed to many aggression promoting and violence triggering influences. Loosing of emotional security in the family, personal isolation & brutality in the media are only some of the causes which contribute to an increase of the potential of violence. Children & youths who neither feel safe nor loved tend to have a lower self-assurance.

Topics: “self-image, co-responsibility and diversity in community”, “cooperation”, “basal democratic attitude”, “dealing in cases of conflict” by using art and creative activities.

The project participants experience/learn and experience their own strengths and competencies through the contemplation and own practice of art and develop self-confidence and ego-strength and

  • learn/experience similarities and differences to others and understand them in the context of their respective personal, social and cultural backgrounds.
  • recognize/learn how diversity enriches togetherness and respect the right of each individual to the same degree of freedom.
  • learn/experience how to deal with aggression, conflicts and violence.
  • are able to cooperate with each other and resolve conflicts while respecting the interests and needs of each.
  • are able to act appropriately in situations of violence against themselves and others.
  • learn/experience ways to reduce aggression in themselves and express their needs.
  • take personal responsibility for their life together in the community.
  • learn/experience themselves through the practice of artistic design and their own cultural activities, in their strengths and abilities.
  • learn/experience the group as an “extension and support” to know.
  • learn/experience that common strength grows from individuals who join forces in their strength and expressiveness, and thereby potentiate their abilities. In this way, they develop skills in the areas of self-competence, social competence and methodological competence.
  • learn conflict and cooperation skills. This enables them to open up new educational avenues and compensate for disadvantages.
  • Through artistic expression, project participants learn autonomy and self-confidence, experience increased resilience and decision-making skills, and practice empathy in a playful way.

We would like to thank the Its for Kids Stiftung, without their financial support our work would not be possible.

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