Self empowerment – Promotion of solidarity – Dealing in cases of conflict

“KunstGEWALTig” is a project to prevent violence and develop tolerance. The using of art gives participants an understanding of self-image, co-responsibility and diversity in community. Dealing with aggression and conflict resolution are the central point of this course.

Course offer for a artistic project to prevent violence & develop tolerance on three levels

In today’s world children and youths are exposed to many aggression promoting and violence triggering influences. Loosing of emotional security in the family, personal isolation & brutality in the media are only some of the causes which contribute to an increase of the potential of violence. Children & youths who neither feel safe nor loved tend to have a lower self-assurance.

Topics: “self-image, co-responsibility and diversity in community”, “cooperation”, “basal democratic attitude”, “dealing in cases of conflict” by using art and creative activities.