Rock n’ roll in school

KRASS is known to act as the key in opening the lock that is the childrens’ potential and allow them to express themselves through creative mediums – something which was shown once again in Düsseldorf-Flingern in 2014.

The local Anne Frank high school would like to start a music project, where kids would have the opportunity to give up their time after school to learn an instrument or express themselves through singing.

But this proved to be tougher than anticipated as the required funds could not be acquired.

A case for KRASS! We were more than happy to supply the funds needed to support this marvelous project and even convinced a local musician Pat Skirt to serve as teacher and mentor on the team!

And thus, instrumental and vocal lessons were provided to all kids who wished to participate, covering a range of instruments such as piano, drums and bass across all age groups of children.

It was particularly impressive to see the realization upon the kids’ face when they realized they, not only, could perform pop songs from their lives, but even write their own songs to perform.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a music course without a performance… And what a performance, indeed!

To serve as the cherry on top a grand concert was held at the Anne Frank School to allow our young musicians to show off their newly acquired skills.

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