Krasse inventions

In this project the children and youth will be creators and problem solvers. They will do work based a theme, which is familiar in their daily life and relevant for the future – for example – Nutrition, mobility, or waste. They will develop their own ideas, solutions and visions based on the theme they choose. In the FabLab they will have the opportunity to apply their ideas and to do experiments with digital tools. They will utilize an array of technological, electrical and electronic building parts and recycled materials to build a prototype. The finished products and objects will be presented publicly in a video.

“KRASSe Inventions” picks up on children’s enthusiasm for the digital, and prompts them to think ahead about technology in the context of a better future. Thereby, essential abilities are practiced: existing knowledge is combined anew, and social interaction is formed, which nurtures the development of new ideas. Technology serves as a tool: mobile applications, hardware, and video are working materials, which serve the research, production and presentation. Problem solving abilities are actively strengthened. Finally, the children reflect on their experiences within their respective age group. The groups concentrate on themes that are pertinent to everyday life: nutrition, mobility and waste. The children are engaged problem solvers, who introduce and share their observations, knowledge and abilities.

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