The project “anders”

“anders” means different, is a project that wants to encourage …

∞ to form one’s own personality,
∞ to find own talents,
∞ to have a subjective perception,
∞ to find your own career,
∞ to have personal preference
∞ to your own view of the world,
∞ to own roots,
∞ to the individual style

“anders” is a collection of different beings with exhibition, performance, planned live shows photography, art, painting, music, video collection, documentation, press

“anders” Is a project for the target group 14 – 18 years
It is a
 cross-gender offer for grades 9 – 13 and it is planned in different schools and accommodations

“anders” is a collection of

∞ odd fishes
∞ artistic talents
∞ the excluded
∞ dissidents
∞ fugitives
∞ school refusals
∞ sneakers
∞ dazzling shapes
∞ headscarf wearers
∞ fashion experts
∞ sport talents
∞ music producers
∞ favourite hobbies
∞ passionate people
∞ and we open doors for mainstreamers

“anders” is a project in which young personalities can present themselves

“anders” is a project in which talents are presented

“anders” is a project about different perspectives and world views

“anders” has the following objectives

♣ mediation of the ground message “you are different and that is good”
♣ Mediation of the basic message: everyone can become artistically active & express themselves.
♣ Strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence
♣ Individual promotion of creativity
♣ Own initiative, motivation, enthusiasm, fun
♣ Joint success, strengthen class and group dynamics, teamwork
♣ Horizontal extension
♣ Artistic activities as a form of positive communication and integration
♣ Cultural exchange
♣ Participation of each individual

“anders” offers

♣ an introduction
♣ Introduction of creative techniques and applications, sources of inspiration
♣ Exchange and discussion on the subjects fashion, mainstream, uniforms, youth culture, group vocalism, self-awareness and perception, differentiation
♣ Creative work with mobile phones, webcams, GoPros, video collection
♣ Preparations for the exhibition  completion, pictures, photos
♣ Develop and record a common song – Prepare a live performance
♣ Group-wide presentation

“anders” works with emphatic listening

♣ Relationships  Building trust
♣ in a reserved space where youngsters can creatively unfold and express themselves,  room for mistakes
♣ A great deal of variety between theory and practice
♣ Understanding of young people and their current topics
♣ Differentiated ideas on masculinity, gender stereotypes, material things
♣ Awareness of a successful upbringing in a strange metropolis
♣ Own initiative
♣ Provide opportunities for nonviolent communication