Parallel universes

 Under the direction of experienced artists, we provided students at the Martin Luther King School in Düsseldorf the opportunity to discover themselves in a theater project and to express their wishes and emotions freely. This project is sponsored by the PwC foundation.

The medium of paper with all of its artistic possibilities should inspire countless ideas in the children. The life situations perpetuated on the paper became independent and ultimately came alive with elements of theater. The theater project sent the children and teenagers on a journey of discovery of their own personalities in which they were sent into “parallel universes.”

Daily life and art were linked together and made palpable. The sense of connection, realization of each other, and understanding of the environment were strengthened. Uwe Rittmann from the PwC foundation who is responsible for this project said, “It is wonderful to see how the creativity of the children unfolds. We are happy that we as a company in which people play the most important roll, through this project can provide at least some children access to other worlds.” My greatest respect goes out to all participants of this wonderful project! Friendly greetings, Claudia Seidensticker