The chosen ones

The title of this piece was created by the kids of the Peter-Härtling school themselves.

The justification – the kids felt chosen from the school to participate in the dance project and also felt chosen to be on the island.

The dance project was inspired by the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and was lead and choreographed by Mohan C. Thomas, from the dance group “Tanzmotto”.

Through the exploration of the conflicts seen in the novel in terms of team vs. friendship vs. enemy, the kids were able to express themselves and how they would feel had they been in an unfamiliar environment (the island).

In particular, a theme which was explored was the action and reaction aspect of dealing with unfamiliar people and place, and how these actions and reactions impact the formation of an in-group.

Main motifs explored include:

·      Disregard of fears, resentment and the trust built between something new through tolerance and acceptance.

·      Earning the acceptance of people in power as well as outsiders.

“Strength lies in numbers” idea