Martinstaler Prize

As every year, on the 20th of November 2015 the city of Düsseldorf has awarded the ‚Martinstaler Prize‘ to citizens who contribute to new projects in the voluntary sector. I am very proud that I and KRASS e.V. belong to the award-winning group . Please see the video of the laudation from the City Mayor Thomas Geisel.

Students produce KRASS arts

A project, which kids discribed unanimously as “totally cool”, had its peak: The exhibition of the images from our project “Fit for the media” was introduced and celebrated in the school Benrath!

KRASS photographer Ulrike Reinker was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous “mass-produced-images” for this project and showed the kids that they too are full of creativity themselves and are able to self-produce art and bring it alive. Proudly, the young artists presented their work and were thrilled about the special space of honour their work got in their school.

KRASS obtains “Kurt Kreuser Price” for civic engagement

Yes! KRASS was awarded the third prize.

Yes! € 3,000.00 grant from the Knupp Foundation for KRASS.


There were many serious applications for this prize. Only five applicants were selected, and awarding the 3rd price to us, that speaks for KRASS e.V. and the commitment of all KRASSers. We can all be very proud and look forward to establish more wonderful projects with the prize money.

Young and old on an artistic search for traces

Düsseldorf, 04 November 2011 – Designing an own memory game, build a dream city, make frottages from a variety of objects – all this and much more could be experiences by enrolled children and seniors of KRASS e.V.

“Wow, we have never done something like that before! We are not allowed to do that anywhere else! May I try everything? It’s so much fun!” This is the unanimous opinion of the children who participated in the project.

Art loving people aged 55 years and up were invited, along with their temporary, young “godchildren” to work together creatively and artistically 4 hours a day.

KRASS e.V. wants to say thank you Association thanks the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) for their generous financial support and thus the realization of this great project!

1. Duesseldorfer Volunteer fair

Happy Birthday!

KRASS is celebrating its 5th birthday in KIT – Kunst im Tunnel and looks forward to all the guests. This celebration is also a good reason to warmly thank all the helpers and supporters

German Engagement Award 2012

KRASS was nominated for the German Engagement Award (Deutscher Engagementpreis) in 2012. The untiring engagement for education, culture and social work received a very special recognition through this nomination.

KRASS n the name of the children: because of its lasting commitment to opportunities for disadvantaged children, KRASS was nominated for the German Engagement Award!

Not only does this nomination delight the KRASS team, but it also shows that the area of education is appreciated by the public and is considered prizeworthy.

“… and we do theater from A-Z”!

The project “We do theater from A-Z”, sponsored by the PwC foundation, which helps children explore the creation of art through stage, events, theater, dance and music, got off to a successful start. Uwe Rittmann, a partner from PwC, is responsible for the project.

From July 9 – 17, 2012, children from the ages of 6-14 approached theater staging and musicals in a creative way.

Astrid-Lindgren School students exhibit!

For an entire school year, the young people of the eighth grade learned and tried out new artistic techniques.
Dagmar Reichel, cultural educator and project leader, said: “It is always very exciting to be able to observe the students for an entire year in their artistic and personal development and through the assignment of artistic work activate processes in the students.”

KRASS art at the playground!

From noon to 3 pm on four consecutive weekends in the summer, KRASS artists head out to public areas such as school courtyards or playgrounds with a bus from the youth office of the city of Duesseldorf. They bring with them everything that artists need, such as paper, colored pencils, paint, craft utensils, tables, and benches.

KRASS mobile!

Painting instead of swinging? Crafts instead of sliding? This is exactly the opportunity that KRASS e.V. offers children and young people for free at the playground at Lessingplatz in June.
Today the theme is one that the KRASSartist Kristina Köpp envisioned, the “Miracle Washing Machine.” The children painted or pasted something from the newspaper that is thrown in above into the chute of the washing machine and emerges below as something the children wish for, such as ice cream in large amounts.

Interview in Stiftungswelt Magazine!

Claudia Seidensticker-Fountis and her husband Anastassios Fountis established the “Stiftung Kultur für Kinder” (Foundation Culture for Children)  in 2010.

For their wedding, the couple requested that their family and friends donate money for their foundation’s trust instead of giving them wedding presents.

The foundation Stiftung Kultur für Kinder stablished as its guiding principle the lasting promotion of the creative potential of children and young people. The operating arm of the foundation is the organization Verein KRASS e.V., which was founded in 2009, and whose project “Das größte Kinderatelier” (the largest children’s studio) was displayed in 2009 in the competition “365 Orte im Land der Ideen” (365 places in the land of ideas).

Foundation of the Sparda-Bank West supports the Easter Holidays Project

Over the Easter holidays, 200 children from the Düsseldorfer Kindertagesstätte Liebfrauen and the AWO kindergarden Wackelzahn explored craftmaking and painting through the artistic guidance of KRASS artist. They also learned what light, tone, color and we ourselves have to do with oscillation as well as why the ear can see and the eye can hear and other amazing facts.

Ursula Wißborn, head of the  Foundation Stiftung Sparda Bank West confirmed the cooperation with the organization KRASS e.V.  as she noted: “Promoting art and culture among children and young people in a fun and lasting way is truly something that should be encouraged.”

Yes, we can!

Why KRASS? It’s increable that 10 % our children leave school without passing a graduation. The success of education depends very highly on the familial background of the students. Referring to this situation we want to start, to react and to operate! Then children are the most invaluable present we could ever get. In future, they will create the society and will be responsible for it.

We are offering access to art

We strongly believe that each and every child regardless of his or her social background is entitled to a childhood free of worries and full of happiness.

This common vision of 50 volunteers with diverse professional backgrounds was the reason to found and continue to support the association KRASS e.V.. We offer access to projects and grants of fines arts and a safe location to come to and join art classes for children and young people.

Strong children!

We help children and teens to develop a healthy self-esteem, learn about their strengths and find ways to express themselves.

We believe that learning about fine arts and being creative helps children to build a positive future for themselves.

We give grants to financially disadvantaged or talented children. We operate mobile art studios for children, we run art projects in schools, we sponsor schools for children with special needs and we transfer our knowledge to partners in other cities and other countries .

Prize awarded by Freddy Fischer!

Through the realization of art as a universal language of humanity, KRASSenables borders and prejudices to be overcome, and cultural diversity is experienced as a resource.

KRASS, the organization and the foundation “Kultur für Kinder”, follows the vision of its founder Claudia Seidensticker, which proclaims that art and culture provide opportunities for the development, education and understanding of humanity.

KRASS at Otavi Minerals!

The European Minerals Day in Neuss, Germany, was organized in common by the company’s two plants. The celebration was held at the company’s harbor facilities in Neuss-Hafen.

An artist participating in the cultural not-for-profit organization KRASS e.V., was in charge of entertaining the children: she engaged them in paintingworks of art and in creating objects using various materials including the company’s raw materials. A number of very interesting and tasteful objectswere created, some of which were chosen to decorate the company’s facilities in Neuss.

KRASS receives solidarity award!

The non-profit organization KRASS e.V. received from the NRZ and the Freddy Fischer Foundation the above mentioned prize in the amount of 1,000 Euros! With that prize, we can immediately award two scholarships to school children at a Düsseldorf school. We are proud that out of more than 600 projects, ours was chosen for the Solidarity Award.

Düsseldorf for Children!

Art for all children! That is the idea behind the KinderKunstHaus (Children’s Art House) which was opened in the spring in the district of Rath. In the Nachwuchs-Kunstschmiede (children’s art studio) creative children from the age of 4-18 can develop and realize their ideas.

Children’s Art House is opened!

The non-profit organization KRASS e.V. opened on May 7th in the Düsseldorf district of Rath the Children’s Art House (KinderKunstHaus). KRASS is a recognized institution of the “freien Jugendhilfe” and provides children and young people free access to and interaction with art, culture, and education.

Painting is prevention!

The non-profit organization KRASS e.V. opened its Children’s Art House in Rath! Painting is also prevention: children learn to design creatively, explore their possibilities and their limits, increase their tolerance for frustration, and they simply take delight in the development and realization of their own ideas. These creations result in success stories: good for self-confidence, good for becoming strong, and good for saying no to violence and criminality. That can’t happen early enough for a child!

Foundation gives children a voice!

The goal of the newly established foundation is to strengthen and promote children and young people through the means of art and culture. The children and young people are motivated through common actions, individual supervision offerings and scholarships, and additionally through cooperation with public and private institutions. At the same time, through its public work the foundation gives children a voice and draws attention to their needs.

Painting and learning in the children’s art house!

The non-profit organization KRASS e.V. opened on May 7th in the Düsseldorf district of Rath the Children’s Art House (KinderKunstHaus). KRASSis a recognized institution of the “freien Jugendhilfe” and provides children and young people free access to and interaction with art, culture, and education.

Children and young people are the focus of the foundation!

On May 25th 2010, the foundation “Kultur für Kinder” (Culture for Children) celebratd its opening in the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. Claudia Seidensticker was supported in the preparation of many months by the Competence Center. The board of trustees is comprised of a circle of engaged artists, pedagogues, attorneys, specialized journalists, and other professionals. The intense motivation shared by all is based on the inspiration from the values and goals instilled by the foundation’s establisher. Prior to the establishment of the foundation, the engagement of the “Beteiligten für Kinder” was started already in July 2008 through the non-profit organization KRASS in Düsseldorf.

Children fill Europe’s canvas with colorful life!

It’s getting colorful in Austria. The European canvas is being completed by school children from Völkermarkt. This is a colorful work of art to fight child poverty in Europe!

Again a new gorgeous flower in our European bouquet!

The Europe canvas is being completed by school children from Völkermarkt. It’s a colorful work of art against child poverty in Europe!

Slovenia paints for Europe!

The three square meter Alps-Adria Canvas Project is ready to go to Brussels. In the meantime, the artist Danja Kulterer, who is also the organizer of the project for Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, completed their contribution Alps-Adria for the EU canvas project “Kinderbrücke” (children’s bridge).

Along with Slovenian artist Zoran Ogrinc, Kulterer was at the high school Osovna ola Radlje. The school children painted the landmarks of their country, such as the connecting Drava River and the access to the sea, and were happy at work.

“… again a colorful piece of Europe has been added.”

Children complete Europe with colorful life. The Europe canvas, which was on tour through 27 European countries and on which the children of our Europe painted a colorful potpourri of a glimpse of the future while connecting countries, is back.

Children paint Europe their way 

“In Spain the paint brushes are in action! Again a piece of colorful, imaginative Europe was added.”

KRASS art for all!

The projects and actions undertaken by KRASS are generally geared toward children and young people from all classes of society. According to their need, KRASS e.V. gives special attention to the integration of children from socially disadvantaged families. Many such projects have already been realized under the auspices of KRASS e.V.

Düsseldorf – a city for children!

The magazine “Düsseldorf for Children” from the publisher Überblick reports on the establishment of the KRASS e.V. in April 2010.

Painting children’s hands in Africa and Düsseldorf! Colorful worlds intercontinental!

Thomas Herring from Deutsche Bank gives the award and a certificate signed by Horst Köhler to the organization KRASS. The newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” reports in October 2009.

KRASS wins idea competition! Creativity counts!

The Rheinische Post reports on the granting of the award along with Deutsche Bank and the 365 days of the Country of Ideas (Land der Ideen) on September 7th, 2009.

A studio just for children! Because every child is a little artist!

The WZ newspaper reports 24.10.2009 on the children’s studio in the Rheinbahn Depot.

The largest children’s studio in Düsseldorf and Kilolo, Tanzania! Painting connects!

The children took delight in a potpourri of colors at the Rheinbahndepot! The Rheinische Post reports on the KRASSpainting on two continents!

Color frenzy in the fight against hunger and poverty so the world is a little more colorful and happy!

The children let their creativity run wild! Eight hundred canvases – in support of a world without hunger and poverty! NRZ article about the painting campaign in Düsseldorf and Kilolo on 25.10.2009.

Painting Campaign with the police and the city of Düsseldorf! More security for our children!

Children have a higher rate of accidents. Report about the art campaign with the Düsseldorf police and the city.

The Rheinbahn is crazy about art! The Rheinbahn allows children to be mobile with colors.

Article in the NRZ newspaper from 17.09.2009! Georg Schumacher from the Rheinbahn supports the “little Picassos.” The Rheinbahn made its depot available for the KRASS children’s studio for the second time! We say THANK YOU!