KRASS Movies

Hello and welcome to the KRASS channel! This is where you can find many different short films that show the work we do here at KRASS. Not only that, but you can get a “live” experience of what cultural, artistic, and medial development of underprivileged children and youths looks like.

Martinstaler Prize of the City of Duesseldorf

As every year, on the 20th of November 2015 the city of Düsseldorf has awarded the ‚Martinstaler Prize‘ to citizens who contribute to new projects in the voluntary sector. I am very proud that I and KRASS e.V. belong to the award-winning group . Please see the video of the laudation from the City Mayor Thomas Geisel.

KRASS! 5 years of the KRASS foundation! The celebration in KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, Düssledorf:

KRASS is celebrating its 5th birthday in KIT – Kunst im Tunnel and looks forward to all the guests. This celebration is also a good reason to warmly thank all the helpers and supporters.

Refugee kids welcomed through art!

Refugee children, who have gone through a traumatic experience, need freedom to settle in, express themselves, just be kids, and to paint, create, and play. That’s how it begins with KRASS integration.

2010 – Founding of the foundation

The foundation “Culture for Children”, which supports KRASS e.V., will be presented. This foundation was founded on 25.08.2010.

2009 – The Fall of the Berlin Wall – Berlin – KRASS Team

The KRASS team took part in the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by creating a domino effect.

KRASS! Children’s rights on display:

In collaboration with the Düsseldorf Child Protection Agency, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, we are going to put 10 chairs on display, which will exhibit one essential children’s right each.

Commitment in NRW/Germany – KRASS e.V.

In North Rhine Westfalia around 5 million people are campaigning for various causes. A collection of films, which introduce KRASS e.V., arose as part of the awareness week “Strength through commitment”.

KRASS e.V. – DANCE: The specially selected dancers from the Peter Härtling School Düsseldorf: 

Having a special focus on learning arises from choreography; a school for children with difficulties has worked together with the dance ensemble “Tanzmono” and KRASS to create a dance that aims to overcome differences and discover similarities.

2011 – Encouraging Art – Astrid Lindgren – CenterTV

On 3rd May, there was a wonderful Art Day filled with emotion at the Astrid Lindgren School. The gorgeous sunrays shone as the bright-eyed children made delightful, creative pictures.

2009 – Children’s gallery on RheinbanDepot CenterTV

Painting in two continents to unite and fight poverty and hunger! Kids in the children’s gallery in Düsseldorf and kids in Kilolo, Tanzinia were simultaneously painting their ideas for ONE world. This was then screened on TV.

KRASS @ Still Life A40

KRASS organised for children to paint their favourite celebrities as part of the Ruhr2010 project “Still Life A40”. Everything was exhibited on a 60km stretch of highway, which was closed especially for the day!

Guinness World Record 2008

The first big day in the History of KRASS: a Guiness World Record is achieved in 2008 for the most people painting simultaneously: 152 kids participate in the largest painting studio up to this moment on Earth!