Foundation “Cultur for Children”

The Culture for Children Foundation was founded from Claudia Seidensticker in Düsseldorf on August 25, 2010. It is permanently funded and follows a cause that is determined by its sponsors. Please find our web page at

The foundation’s organization is made up of the managing directorate that is looked over by the board of trustees. Moreover, a trustee administrates the endowment capital.

The board of trustees and the managing directorate meet several times a year, to discuss the latest developments on the execution of the only present project – KRASSe.V/The KRASS Association. The discussions focus mainly on the KRASS association’s contents and strategies (development of projects and programs of ‘KRASS on location’) as well as conceptual ideas (permanent assurance of a financial base, employee qualification etc.). The managing directorate executes the decisions and reports regularly on their progress.



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