KRASS e.V. (Düsseldorf), the KRASS Association, is made up of two entities: the management and the member’s assembly. The management consists of two managers: a bursar and a press officer. The member’s assembly is held annually.

In order to deal with any additional assignments by the administration in Düsseldorf that arise out of its status as the head office, we divided the tasks into six areas:

  • Acquisition: of funding, sponsoring and art materials
  • Project management: organization and execution of programs and projects
  • Finances: planning, accounting, controlling
  • Administration and law: as a primary area of work
  • Human Resources: coordination, membership activities, coaching
  • Communication: design, marketing, public relations

However, on the site of “KRASS on location” the organizational scheme may vary. The work in the different locations is carefully adjusted to site-specific and staff circumstances.


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