Educational Standards

Next to the transmission of artistic and media content, we greatly value the adherence to educational standards. The artists have to meet these when working with children and adolescents. As a general rule children should be supported in their personality. Our projects and programs communicate the following points:

Creativity: a free and individual expression (verbal und nonverbal)

Crafting abilities: Transposing and designing ideas usefully, through writing, image, objects and materials.

Responsibility: through integration und tolerance.

Taking part: in social life.

Confidence: discovery of your own personality (strengths and weaknesses) and the environment , Overcoming basic fears, sustainable self-discovery and self-reflection .

Teamwork: training the ability to communicate and deal with conflict through dynamic exchange within the group. Own ideas will of course be presented and critically discussed in the end.

Endurance: through trial, experimentation and improvisation. Formation of interesting connections between known and new things

Motivation: inspiring yourself and others with your idea.

Awareness: changing your point of view (playing with light, colors, roles, emotion), to find and fortify your own place in life.

Artistic Standards

In general, we try to use all different artistic areas and media to follow through with our vision. Depending on the location, there are different focal areas induced by the staff’s resources. We are, however, always striving to give our activities a great variety.

Our projects and programs cover the following artistic areas:

  • Fine art I (painting, graphic design, photography)
  • Fine art II (sculpture, architecture, artistic craftsmanship)
  • Literature (epics, drama, poetry)
  • Performing arts (theater, dance)
  • Music (composition, vocal and instrumental interpretation)
  • Personality and education

Our projects and programs are being communicated through the following media:

  • Print (news papers, magazines, posters, books, paintings etc.),
  • Broadcast (radio broadcasts, TV, film, audio book)
  • Digital Media (PC/Internet, social media)
  • Public performance

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