What does KRASS do in concrete terms?

KRASS is an association that starts where it matters most: with the children.

KRASS takes care of the cultural education of children and young people between the ages of 3 and 18 – regardless of their family, cultural or social background – to attend, for example, an art school, music lessons, creative courses or museums. KRASS offers children various opportunities to engage in artistic activities. In this way, they learn to discover their talents and receive recognition for their works. This boosts their self-confidence enormously.

How does KRASS operate?

KRASS works together globally and due to the different, worldwide locations, the KRASS volunteers and artists communicate mainly virtually. Every month there is also a „real“ KRASS team meeting in Düsseldorf, where volunteers from Düsseldorf and the surrounding area discuss current projects and activities. (See also: When do all KRASS staff come together?).

How does KRASS work?

Many of the association’s activities are carried out by volunteers – without them, KRASS would be unthinkable. Artists, educators and therapists who are employed locally for projects and programs receive a fee. A special feature is the social franchising system.

What does social franchising mean?

Social franchising is a franchise system in the social sector. At KRASS, KRASS e.V. in Düsseldorf is the franchisor who developed the KRASS brand and licenses the use of the knowledge and experience. The franchisees are artists in the KvO’s (KRASS on-site locations) who implement various projects and programs under the KRASS brand.

Where to find KRASS?

In addition to Düsseldorf, KRASS is also present in Cologne, Günsburg, Neuss, Lüneburg, Hamburg, Trier, as well as in Greece (Athens), and in China (Shanghai).

Where does the money come from that KRASS uses to implement projects?

The money comes from various grant applications and fundraising activities. KRASS is supported by municipalities, counties, private donors, the state and the federal government, among others.

What can I do for KRASS?

We are looking for support in all areas: Marketing, fundraising, finance, IT, human resources/volunteer support and, of course, especially for assignments directly on site, as socio-educational and/or artistic support. These assignments are always supervised by at least one trained and experienced project manager – no one is left alone.

How does the deployment in the facilities work?

The volunteers meet in front of or at the facility where the workshop is taking place – depending on the agreement with the respective project leader. Then the children are „bekunstet“ for 2 hours, i.e. painting or other creative work is done – here, too, the artists have their individual ideas and approaches. But one thing is the same everywhere: WE respond to the children and not the other way around! Some children want to work completely independently, while others need a little guidance and support – this depends mainly on the age and mentality of the children. But all of them need a lot of recognition, encouragement and praise – this is also our task: praise, praise and praise again. It requires empathy and prudence to understand how „close“ we may get to the children – some are grateful for a little hug, for others physical closeness is uncomfortable; but the children usually send clear signals – we just have to pay attention. We never actively intervene in the creative process – unless the children ask us for help!

How much time do I have to bring?

The time commitment depends on you. We can use every minute to facilitate the work for the KRASS sites on the one hand, to organize projects and of course to generate the funds that are needed. The assignments in our workshops with the children on site usually last about 2 hours.

When can I start at KRASS?

Administratively, this can be done as soon as your completed questionnaire is available. Since 2010, an „extended certificate of good conduct“ is required by law for an assignment with the children on site. We will issue you a certificate for the free application at the citizens’ office as soon as we have the data from your questionnaire. As a rule, the certificate of good conduct will be sent to you from Bonn about 8 – 10 days after your application. As soon as you have sent us a copy of it (as JPG or PDF), you can be deployed.

When do all KRASS staff come together?

Every Wednesday of the month the „KRASS meeting“ takes place in the   MediaLab des Vereins das „KRASSe Treffen“ of the association, to which all KRASS volunteers are cordially invited. Invitations and notices are sent out and posted on Facebook. At these meetings, experiences can be shared, suggestions/concerns can be raised, and questions can be asked. Interested friends are welcome at the meetings – please just let us know in advance so that we can estimate the number of participants (see also: Can I bring friends?).

Can I bring friends?

But with pleasure – everyone who is interested in our work is welcome!
Prerequisite is a written registration with us, so that we are informed about your coming. This can be done either via Facebook or by e-mail info@krass-ev.de.

We are also happy to answer further questions in person.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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