Gifted children in search for supporters

As an association for cultural education, it is one of our greatest desire to find ways of supporting socially disadvantaged children and teenagers, who have special skills and talent in arts.

With an art scholarship these young talents have the opportunity of receiving optimal support in developing their own personal strengths. In addition to art classes, they receive a wide range of know-how and experience from pedagogically trained artists. Furthermore, our concept provides for support of excursions to the zoo or urgently needed clothes.

The individual care of children contributes to their personal development and excites and motivates these young people. Teaching social skills such as responsibility, teamwork, motivation, perseverance and self-confidence are just as important as the cultural development.

With our concept, until this day we have allowed a good start in life to several children. We would like to share some of our impressive stories with you:

Mohama (14 years old) has retrieved her self-confidence with the help of the KRASSart scholarship. Having dropped out of education earlier, she became a motivated teenager with extraordinary final records in secondary school. Today, she is learning media studies in university and will soon receive her Bachelor’s degree.

Sandra (16 years old) was able to boost her self-esteem through our art scholarship, which supported her in coping with her family issues. She has also started a training in Social Pedagogy, after successfully finishing her secondary education followed by a cultural educational internship. Her aim is to support other children and young people through her own positive development and experience.

Become a direct supporter for our gifted kids, like Mohama and Sandra, via your monthly donation. With your help, young people are given the chance to start a successful and happy life, regardless of their background or family situation.

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