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Weekly report week 3, 2022

We asked our team which of the best moments at KRASS the employees could name. Mareike van Elsbergen said the following:

“Basically, it’s the situations where the children have already been waiting for you full of anticipation and we then set up the room or the workspace together for today’s art offering. Everything is usually accompanied by the children’s question: ‘What are we doing today?'”

The children have had to deal with many new challenges in the last two years.
in the last two years. The Corona outbreak has made learning difficult for many students. Many of them could not and still cannot fulfil the required workload and feel under a lot of pressure as a result.

We have helped the children this year and have launched NAKU (Nachhilfe trifft Kunst). We offer these children free tutoring and cultural education in cooperation with schools in the area.

The tutoring is made up of learning in small groups, the promotion of independent learning, as well as the organisation of leisure time together.

The children have access to digital learning material and can, for example, print out their work material from school. Our aim is to make this offer possible for them, even under difficult conditions, by providing them with hardware on loan for use at home.

Last Friday, KRASS visited the Comenius Comprehensive School in Neuss with the 3M project Lieblingsmensch. The children and young people deal with their favourite person through artistic expression and can pause for a moment and immerse themselves in painting. At the end of the numerous workshops, there will be a mosaic-like exhibition of the almost 600 works, where the children and young people will be duly celebrated for their art and given publicity. The lecturer is Barbara Wylon, art therapist.

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