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Weekly report week 5, 2022

The week started with the “Plastic People” project in cooperation with the great photographer Dirk Krüll.

Based on his series of works Plastic Army, the kids deal with the fusion of waste and nature. They deal with the environment, waste and waste recycling in an artistic way.

The focus is on the upcycling process and the experience of creating something artistic out of rubbish. Through the discussion and active design, the children learn, among other things that they can actively influence larger social problems through their own actions.

All project participants learn about the waste cycle. During a tour of the district with tongs and buckets, the children are made aware of how to deal with waste and of the pollution in their favourite places in the city.

After viewing the rubbish they have collected and cleaned themselves, the children work together with the artist to develop initial ideas for staging the event. The aim is to create plastic people sculptures to illustrate the problem of plastic waste. These will then be presented in public space as an art memorial.

Funded by: @AUFleben – Future is Now.

Here you can take a look at what our equipment for creative projects looks like in our new educational location in Düsseldorf!

One offer in the Villa’s workshops is project-oriented learning.
On 2 dates a week and as a workshop during the holidays, KRASS offers
children the opportunity to pursue their own creative projects on the KRASS premises in Vennhausen in to pursue their own creative projects.
The children are independent and decide, plan and carry out the projects themselves independently.

The garden and the workshop or course rooms offer the opportunity for
artistic design with natural materials, nature projects as well as the
design of the garden itself. The children are guided in their crafts and
and advised in the realisation of their own ideas.

Here we want to introduce the children to project-based learning and thus develop their independence, imagination and language skills.
independence, imagination and linguistic development.

In addition, the children should learn social skills such as working in a team
team, to listen to and respect the ideas of others, to interact with each other on an interact with each other on an equal footing, analyse failures and develop new strategies to solve problems.

Participation is free of charge and materials are provided.
The project is led by Britta Linder and funded by the #dssee

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