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Weekly report week 7, 2022

Combining art and learning is what the project “Tutoring Meets Art” in Düsseldorf stands for. Here, the tutoring students take an active part in working on their homework as well as in the artistic exploration of smaller projects and become absorbed in them. Learning is easier when there is fun and art involved. The project is supported by the Stiftung Kinderträume in Düsseldorf, among others.

Why do you support KRASS? we asked Yasser (Yasser Abdelrahman ). He makes our great films.

See for yourself what he has to say about it. Click here for the video!

And this is what happened with us at the Villa KRASS

On Sunday, the new “good soul” Hanna (Hanan Abdallah Ramlaouane) signed her contract with us and will from now on prepare lunch and fruit for the children in the villa, in our new location in Düsseldorf, for 2 hours every day. Great to have you here!

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, we are happy about the energetic support that children and young people in socio-economically weak situations receive through our KRASSe work! The project is funded by the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering.

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