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This clip is the first in the nine-part Wednesday Video Series, #WeAreKrass.  With this series we offer a glimpse into the world of KRASS and the work of our artistic leaders, while at the same time providing insight into the contributions which nurture the KRASS (German for incredible; radical) success of our association. OR (more simply) contributions which nurture KRASS’s success.

In the categories of Dance, Fine Art, Music and Theater KRASS e.V. has implemented an abundance of projects over the last 10 years, affording free access to cultural education for all children and youth.

We thank our artistic leaders, who use their profession every day to shape the KRASS vision and carry it into the world.  You guys are brilliant!


Meet our artists!  Every Wednesday for 9 weeks!

Our artists introduce themselves per video.  Definitely have a look!

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