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Our music projects

Making music together creates lightness and joy, a sense of belonging together and promotes self-esteem. In a creative, social, and participatory sense, making music can expand the field of action of the individual. Our teaching of music creates a safe and familiar framework for the kids who are from different life situations.

The integrative effect of music also has a positive effect on them. By helping them to express their feelings through music, we contribute to a peaceful, shared future.

The Dance Project!

In the project we want to concentrate on the refugee children and young people and on strengthening and developing their childlike nature and freedom, even if everyday life and the environment are sometimes difficult for them. Thank you dear community foundation for the financial support!

Slo Mo Island in Greece!

15 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 experienced a wonderfully creative holiday in the middle of a breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve on the Greek west coast! Come down, chill on the beach, work in the garden together, build wooden houses, enjoy the peace and quiet, make music, get new cultural impulses and much more. In short: have an unforgettably good time.

Children support

As an association for the cultural education of children and young people, KRASS is passionate about providing targeted support for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families with special…

Music without Borders

Our offer “Music without Borders” is a musical workshop for children and young people with refugee experience in Düsseldorf.  Together with the KRASS team, the young residents of the refugee…

Making music in the children`s hospital

Music therapy with the children from the Pediatric Clinic in Düsseldorf Lying in hospital for weeks or months is an awful situation – even for adults. An extreme load for…

Panakia – you are not alone!

The project is aimed at children and young people who suffered particularly badly during the pandemic, but also now due to their socio-economic background.

Style your rights – Rap Workshop

The one-year project #Style your rights introduces children and young people to #children’srights in a playful and creative way. Several rights are used as a topic in workshop parts, in…

Music without Borders

Integration with music and trust Our offer "Music without Borders" is a musical workshop for children and young people with refugee experience in Düsseldorf.  Together with the KRASS team, the…

The project “anders” 7.0

"anders" a youth project presented its results for the seventh time. Young people with different interests, talents and cultures worked together for 4 Years and exchanged their diverse perspectives and…

Back to the roots

Experience and strengthen yourself through dance and music. In various exercises, we want to awaken the children’s creativity. Role playing, physical exercise, playful dancers' exercises, exercises for the perception of…

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