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News from KRASS

“KRASS at World Children’s Day 2023 in Düsseldorf”

On Sunday, September 17th, we celebrated World Children's Day in Düsseldorf.

SocialDay Boston Consulting Group

Voluntary work is still the basis of our association today. Whether weekly, monthly or sporadic support: it is so valuable!

Culture is political!

Culture is political! We regularly discuss our vision of giving all children free educational opportunities with politicians. These are often very open dialogue partners who are interested in our reports "from reality" and, in the best case, pass them on. This summer we had three great encounters from very different political directions, but they all praised the KRASSe mission n the low-threshold cultural education. We keep in touch!

Pantomime workshop

Empowerment through cultural education: As part of "NEMO's HEART PROJECT "MIME ART FOR LIFE e.V.…

Summer 2023: Our Creative City in Mönchengladbach

In the summer vacations of 2023, we spent 2 weeks designing a creative city for the Mönchengladbach Youth Office - it was great! 280 children, 22 supervisors and countless brushes, papers, clay pots, hammers and nails.......... it got sporty.

Social Day with employees of Linklaters Germany!

Where would we be without volunteer support? Today we were delighted that the team from Linklaters Düsseldorf spruced up the enchanted garden of our KRASSen Villa on their #SocialDay. The whole day was spent planting, sweeping, fairing, cleaning, weeding, disposing and cleaning the KulturMobil. The children and the KRASSe team are very grateful!

KRASS in numbers

...actually, our work cannot be put into classical figures. The success of KRASS is measured in children's laughter. But we nevertheless sat down to work on our Social Report (the balance sheet for non-profit organizers) for 2022. And lo and behold, we put quite a few hours into our work. Reached a lot of children and refugee children and got a lot of help from our volunteers and lecturers. Now we have it in black and white, or in our case red and green. KRASS has outgrown itself in the last year.

Dance without borders!

By dancing, we want to make this sensuous art form directly experienceable and promote cognitive and social skills in children and youngsters.

Weckmann auction brought 10.000€ for the KRASS children!

We are still quite touched: The Gesellschaft Reserve e.V. 1858 gave us EUR 10,000 yesterday at a spectacular, incredibly fun Weckmann auction. For over 160 years, the Gesellschaft Reserve e.V. 1858 has been dedicated to social and community projects in the state capital of Düsseldorf, representing the values of its members. MANY, MANY THANKS on behalf of the children!

Campfire and great conversations

But we also take the inauguration of the house as an opportunity to say THANK…

Christmas – Donate sustainably for children

This year we are once again collecting donations for children, encouraged by the highest award from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Reading for ukrainian children

On 5 November 22, we read to refugee children - Locktidock, the story of a…

Review autumn holidays programme

A total of four workshops were held: Build Your Own SkateBoard, The World of Your…

KRASS e.V. celebrates civic engagement.

KRASS e. V., whose founder Claudia Seidensticker was awarded the Order of Merit of the…

Supporting membership

A supporting membership enables us to realise many great educational and cultural projects for children…

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