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Our projects

Culture is a part of our identity. Culture is a part of our identity. Culture promotes personality development. Culture integrates. Culture socializes. Culture conveys values.

In our cultural education projects, we primarily work together with private and public educational institutions, children’s hospitals and youth recreation facilities. Currently, over 420 children and young people take part in the projects in Düsseldorf every month.

KRASSe Sommerferien 2022

FREE vacation workshops and sports activities in the Halle Mensch!
For children and teenagers from 6-15 years!
ATTENTION: Places are limited and in high demand!
WHERE: Vennhauser Allee 188
WHEN: always monday – friday, 10:00 – 14:00
27.06.-01.07: MyGarden Project (ages 6-10) / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. BOOKED OUT
You love nature and want to be active outside? Our huge garden makes many things possible: we plant, we experiment, we explore nature and we chill in the sun.
04.07.-10.07.: Mushroom heads: experimental art (ages 6-10) / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Ever watched mushrooms grow? Have you always wanted to try something out of the ordinary? Then you have to visit this art workshop: Our artist Ferdinand will create sculptures out of mushrooms with you! Let us surprise you!
18.-24.07.: Art experiments with Katja (ages 6-12) / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. BOOKED OUT
Here you will learn works and painting techniques of famous artists and try to paint like them! Katja shows you how it works.
25.7.-31.7.: Jewelry design (ages 10-15) / 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
A real jewelry designer shows you her art! Here everything is real and you learn to design and make your own jewelry with great materials.
01.08.-07.08.: The Garden House (ages 6-10) BOOKED OUT
The old garden house behind the villa is being restored and you are part of it! We’re not throwing anything away, we’re making it like new again. And there is a lot to do! At the end we will paint the house and celebrate the topping-out ceremony!
26.06.-14.08.: Climbing, playing soccer and beach volleyball at Halle Mensch, Posener Str. 156, 40231 Düsseldorf / 2 x 2 hours every week, throughout the summer vacations (exact days to be announced) for children 6-15 years!
The children must be brought and picked up independently! There is no program and no fixed group, the children can use everything under supervision! Parents are welcome to come along for supervision.
REGISTRATION as of now under:


Workshop with skateboards

With KRASS and the Rebel Rockers from Düsseldorf, you create and build you own super cool skateboard. You can shape and assemble everything by your yourself.. And when it's finished,…

Art Experiments with Katja

Under the guidance of our instructor, the Düsseldorf artist Katja Hübbers, they blotted, brushed, speckled and experimented with many other techniques. The children and young people got to know a…

Open studio

Many young people have, apart from the offers from the school, hardly possibilities to really live out creatively. Be it due to lack of money for materials, lack of space…

KulturMobil for Ukraine

Our artists and therapists head for different accommodations for refugees in Düsseldorf. Within the courses, the children and young people are provided with materials that they can use freely within…

Container Painting

In cooperation with the Düsseldorf art student Rebekka Kümmerer and 15 children aged 7-10 from the St. Rochus School Düsseldorf, the first week of summer vacation was used to jointly…

Mushroom Heads

Under the guidance of the artist Ferdinand Uptmoor, the children gained experience in the field of experimental art and created "self-portraits as mushroom monsters" as part of the KRASS summer…


Slo Mo Island – Revive Now!

15 young people between 16-18 years from socio-economically disadvantaged families. In the midst of a breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve on the west coast of Greece, it means: coming down, chilling…

Children support Connor

As an association for the cultural education of children and young people, KRASS is passionate about providing targeted support for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families with special…

Music without Borders

Our offer “Music without Borders” is a musical workshop for children and young people with refugee experience in Düsseldorf.  Together with the KRASS team, the young residents of the refugee…

Making music in the children`s hospital

Music therapy with the children from the Pediatric Clinic in Düsseldorf Lying in hospital for weeks or months is an awful situation – even for adults. An extreme load for…

Style your rights – Rap Workshop

The one-year project #Style your rights introduces children and young people to #children’srights in a playful and creative way. Several rights are used as a topic in workshop parts, in…

Music without Borders

Integration with music and trust Our offer "Music without Borders" is a musical workshop for children and young people with refugee experience in Düsseldorf.  Together with the KRASS team, the…


HipHop Workshop – Corona Song

This is the final video of the project “HipHop Workshop” by KRASS e.V. Over 3 months, children and young people between 12 and 13 years have participated in this art…

I am dancing – therefore I am!

In November 2019 we started our new dance project at a secondary school in Düsseldorf. Our instructors are musicians & dancers with heart and soul. Dancing - that is a…


Documentary theater


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New Media

Vacation workshop “anders goes Hassels” with Barbara Rückert at Jumpers

A video media workshop in cooperation with Jumpers - Jugend mit Perspekive. Under the motto "See and be seen", projects from the fields of dance, theater and art were implemented…

Style your rights – comic strip

The one-year project #Style your rights introduces children and young people to #children's rights in a playful and creative way. Individual rights are thematically based on workshop blocks in which…

Drehort "In der Bahn"

KRASSe Blickwinkel

A media-pedagogical youth short film project The project kick-off took place on 30 September. While we were still explaining the framework and the possibilities of the short film project to…

Cartoon Heroes

Cartoon Heroes Check out this result of our little film directors! Didn't the videos turn out great?

The MediaLab

The MediaLab is a creative educational and experiential space at Hallbergstraße 8 in Düsseldorf's Zoo district, where young people between the ages of 12 and 16 can discover the digital…

Our projects for the promotion of culture
Our culture has many facets and KRASS’s commitment is just as diverse. Cooperation with schools, companies and other associations takes place in order to make optimum use of existing resources. Our work divides into different Areas:

School projects
This includes projects accompanying and supplementing lessons, e.g. to promote artistic and creative skills.

Holiday and leisure projects
Projects to promote self-confidence, creativity or to deal with the everyday social environment as well as art and music activities. es.

Culture is diversity
People from different countries bring new cultural influences to our country. Understanding diversity as an opportunity for everyone therefore also means sharpening intercultural awareness by dealing with different cultures. KRASS goes to the refugee shelters and takes the children to integration workshops in museums. This promotes intercultural dialogue and enables both the sensual experience of different cultures and an artistic confrontation with them.

Talent support
KRASS also supports talented young people with its work. Thanks to targeted sponsors, we are able to offer scholarships in art and culture to young talents on a regular Basis.

Individual projects tailored to the needs
An important part of our work is the fast and demand-oriented support of individuals, contact points for children and young people or schools who turn to us with their individual concerns. This includes various workshops and training courses, which we either organize ourselves or offer in cooperation with other cultural providers.

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