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KRASS Düsseldorf

Culture is a part of our identity. Culture promotes personality development. Culture integrates. Culture socializes. Culture conveys values.

In our cultural education projects, we primarily work together with private and public educational institutions, children’s hospitals and youth recreation facilities. Currently, over 420 children and young people take part in the projects in Düsseldorf every month.

Our projects for the promotion of culture
Our culture has many facets and KRASS’s commitment is just as diverse. Cooperation with schools, companies and other associations takes place in order to make optimum use of existing resources. Our work divides into different Areas:

School projects
This includes projects accompanying and supplementing lessons, e.g. to promote artistic and creative skills.

Holiday and leisure projects
Projects to promote self-confidence, creativity or to deal with the everyday social environment as well as art and music activities. es.

Culture is diversity
People from different countries bring new cultural influences to our country. Understanding diversity as an opportunity for everyone therefore also means sharpening intercultural awareness by dealing with different cultures. KRASS goes to the refugee shelters and takes the children to integration workshops in museums. This promotes intercultural dialogue and enables both the sensual experience of different cultures and an artistic confrontation with them.

Talent support
KRASS also supports talented young people with its work. Thanks to targeted sponsors, we are able to offer scholarships in art and culture to young talents on a regular Basis.

Individual projects tailored to the needs
An important part of our work is the fast and demand-oriented support of individuals, contact points for children and young people or schools who turn to us with their individual concerns. This includes various workshops and training courses, which we either organize ourselves or offer in cooperation with other cultural providers.

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