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KRASS Hamburg

Ariane Scheer is the head of the KRASS location in Hamburg.

With a team of trained creative artists, art and movement therapists, we offer children access to art and movement projects. With our work, we want to reach children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 from socially disadvantaged and educationally deprived families and support them in developing self-confidence and learning about their diverse abilities.

The motivation behind the “KRASS vor ORT” foundation
In Germany, origin and disposable family income have a decisive influence on education and chances for advancement. This is where we come in and offer disadvantaged children access to art and culture, regardless of their origin and background.
Through motivation and competent guidance in our projects (painting, drawing, movement), we experience how adolescents broaden their horizons and develop personally in cultural and artistic projects and actions.

Why do we work with KRASS?
The KRASS association has been in existence since 2009. Through many successfully implemented projects and programmes and through many years of intensive communication with the press, companies, institutions, parents and artists, KRASS e.V. has gained extensive experience and achieved a high level of recognition. KRASS on site now exists in many places in Germany. This makes us part of a constantly developing and learning organisation and we benefit from the successes of other KRASS vor Ort teams.

When founded
We have been social franchisees since September 2017 and work under the name “KRASS vor Ort Hamburg”. We are interested in contact with facilities and institutions that work with children and young people.
We are also looking for interested and committed people who want to join us. As administrative supporters, as creative people, as mediators, as curious people and financial supporters.

Current KRASS vor Ort Hamburg projects
Our artistic director, Tina Haak, continues to work tirelessly with her team with the refugee children in our project on Eiffestraße in Hamburg-Hamm.

Up-to-date information can always be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Ariane Scheer
Phone: +49 1726192126

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