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KRASS Kurdistan/Irak

My name is Nechir Mohammed. I am 34 years old. I live in Monheim am Rhein. I have an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Nottingham University in the UK. I am currently studying for a second MA in Education. I have worked as a high school teacher and lecturer at my hometown university in Kurdistan, Iraq.
The main aim of KRASS in the field will be to develop language and cognition through educational projects.

The motivation behind the “KRASS vor ORT” foundation
With a team of experts majored in education, psychology, and arts, we aim to help children between the age (3-16) who are deprived in our community to connect them to the unlimited power within themselves so they can uplift themselves in the future and look beyond their immediate negative circumstances and be in the driver seat of their lives.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world that allows children to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. To achieve this, we will create a rich environment for children that is full of educational, artistic, and play experiences to stimulate their cognitive development, especially children from low socio-economic status housholds, orphans, and refugees. Due to
constant wars and economic instability, there are many children who need support.

Those children usually experience cognitive and emotional neglect, and trauma. This can lead to low IQ, delayed language development, lack of creative thinking, and lack of emotional and social skills. The negative consequences can be life-long lasting. This happens because the brain builds new connections with every new and positive stimulating experience.

If children are not provided with an environment that will enable them to flourish as multi-dimensional ‘whole’ beings, when their brain is still developing rapidly, they might not be able to build the foundation for optimal future learning, create a unique and positive vision for their lives, and enhance the resiliency to overcome challenges in their lives.

Why do we work with KRASS?
KRASS will help us to bring value and significance to our work. With KRASS’s network and support, the best service will be provided to those disadvantaged children. The brand of KRASS will be used as a force for good in Kurdistan/Iraq where it is most needed.

When founded?

Nechir Mohammed
Phone: +49 176 32936412

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