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Who are we
Since April 2021, journalist and author Franziska Wonnebauer has headed the Trier site. Since then, the focus of artistic support has been expanded to include writing workshops, film projects and music workshops.

For four years now, we have been leading a group of artists to stimulate the KRASS kids in an array of different areas. Franziska is in charge of the creative direction.

When writing stories, the children are allowed to let their ideas bubble up, dream themselves into fantastic worlds and, along the way, develop a feeling for the power of the word as a form of artistic expression.

In theater and film projects, the children slip into other roles and try out acting. This strengthens their self-confidence and gives them the opportunity to discover new sides and talents about themselves. They also develop an awareness that feelings can be expressed through facial expressions, voice and body language. While working closely together in the group, they also learn to adopt new perspectives, to be tolerant and empathetic.

When singing and making music together, the children can translate their feelings and experiences into the language of music. They can express themselves freely through melody, rhythm and lyrics and overcome their inner limits. In addition, singing not only trains the ear and body tension, but also gives joy and courage.

Year of foundation?
KRASS e.V. Trier was founded in March 2010 as the first dependence in Germany, through the cooperation with several businesses. We began our station with art workshops in schools in socially troubled areas, as well as a youth group, a children’s home and a school for mentally and physically disabled children. All of these courses are still running to date. Our music teacher Sakiko Idei teaches the children in percussion.

Franziska Wonnebauer

Foto of Franziska
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