KRASS NGO gives children and young people perspectives!

Education is the key to social participation and personal future prospects in our society. With cultural projects KRASS e.V. particularly supports children and youngsters who are disadvantaged socioeconomically at different levels of their path.

Our commitment to cultural education:

We are committed to ensuring that all young people – with and without migration background – have success on their individual path of education.

We are the contact person and networker for all who want to get involved in cultural education.

We support educational and youth welfare programs as well as parents in their educational tasks and, together with them, focus the objectives of the educational support.

We are flexible and open to new project approaches and let our creativity run freely, so support given wherever needed.

We bundle our competences, creativity, experiences and qualifications and offer them free of charge to promote cultural education.

We do this for all children and youngsters.

For our future.




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