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I am dancing – therefore I am!

In November 2019 we started our new dance project at a secondary school in Düsseldorf.

Our instructors are musicians & dancers with heart and soul. Dancing – that is a passion for them, where body and soul merge. And they put this power and passion into the project for children and young people.

Because people like these dancers are willing to pass on power in order to motivate others, great projects for children can be set up in the first place. The children and young people can forget their everyday life and worries, let off steam, make new friends and celebrate joint successes.

This is an excellent anti-agression training that helps to build and strengthen healthy self-confidence. This commitment from people for people is infinitely valuable, because here something is worked out together with fun. The children and young people learn to trust each other, to work in a concentrated and independent manner and to live out their creativity.

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