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“Hip hop is about respect“, explains Franziska Schulz to the participants of the dancing course called „back to the roots.” The 28-year-old has been running this course by KRASS e.V., together with Mira Scholz, since 2017 at the Anne Frank Middle School.

Keeping joy in mind

Each Thursday up to 20 pupils from the 6th and 7th grades take part in this course. Besides having experience in the dancing scene, gained over a period of several years, the course instructor has profound knowledge of the art form of hip hop, and provides participants with basic information pertaining to the form: “In the 1970’s hip hop culture emerged in the Bronx, New York. At least since the mid 1990’s the world’s largest youth movement has established in Germany, too, and has served as a voice for children and teenagers ever since.” It is important that the participants never forget the playful feature during a battle”, explains Franziska Schulz. A battle is a duel in which two dancers are competing against each other. “Fun is the key element of it and it is based on respect and communication”, adds Schulz. For the qualified lawyer dancing is a refreshing and creative balance to her job in the administrative court.

Focusing on community spirit

The variety which the course offers is reflected in the choreography as well: The participants learn freestyle basics from the “urban styles,” but they also have the chance to choose their own steps. The course instructor teaches moves which have to be repeated, but still the participants have the opportunity to suggest their own pieces of choreography. What makes the course so special is the community spirit created by the course instructor and the participants. Every move which has been initiated by a single person will be integrated into the choreography and will be repeated by others from the group. Those who are searching for a real fight will not find it here. Quite the opposite, the participants dance and learn collectively. The focus is on “us” and not just simply on “myself.” Due to this the participants get to know the different possibilities of a dance, learning to express themselves through it and at the same time learning to be a teamplayer. In this course you will not encounter the typical male dominance of the hip hop scene: In this dancing course female pupils clearly outnumber the boys!

„Elsa tanzt“ („Elsa dances“)

Besides the dancing course at the Anne Frank Middle School, Franziska Schulz runs another one at the Jan Wellem Special School. Both courses are part of the KRASS’ offer called “Elsa tanzt” (“Elsa dances”). From an educational standpoint, the courses are specifically tailored to benefit children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 18. ​Here​you can find further information on “Elsa tanzt” (“Elsa dances”).

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