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Experiencing fairytales at the museum

The long-term project „experiencing fairytales at the museum“, realized with the support of „Culture makes you strong”, offered various artistic activities for children between September 2018 and March 2019.

The kids were introduced to literary topics through regular group meetings and other free-time activities during school holidays. They were free to choose between dance & theatre, costume design and set design according to their preferences.

Each series of meetings ended with the groups consolidating their results and presenting them in a joint theatre performance. During the project, the kids also visited selected cultural sites, such as the castle Benrath, together with their lecturers and mentors.

The project was a great creative experience with lots of fun and artistic productivity for everyone!

Cooperation Partners: Kin-Top e.V. Düsseldorf and Städtische Gesamtschule Stettiner Straße

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