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International Women’s Day

Due to our humanitarian orientation, we cultivate a very social and flexible atmosphere in a respectful manner regarding individual responsibilities. In this way, we ensure the reconciliation of work, family and private life, especially by allowing our employees to flexibly adjust their working hours if necessary.

It is easily possible to shift working hours to another day of the week, or to the evening. Important for us is the result of the work not the time of the day when it is done.

Ultimately it is of particular importance for us that teachers and educators, but also the people who donate their time, feel comfortable at KRASS. Our team members largely decide independently how they organize the tasks of the association.

They are fully flexible with regard to the organization of the work. Due to the decentralized structure and the individual responsibilities, KRASS allows a high degree of personal individuality.

Formalities such as gender, origin of birth, etc., do not matter. The individual motivation are the main criteria. Ultimately, this motivation leads to the use and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

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