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KRASS in numbers

...actually, our work cannot be put into classical figures. The success of KRASS is measured in children's laughter. But we nevertheless sat down to work on our Social Report (the balance sheet for non-profit organizers) for 2022. And lo and behold, we put quite a…

12,480 hours worked by our KRASSler:innen,

that’s 240 hours per week!

We reached 5,740 children in refugee shelters.

2.250 children were visited in the KulturMobil

1840 children and young people took part in workshops

83 volunteers supported us

42 teachers work for us

22 art projects were carried out

10 advanced trainings for our employees were offered

6 employees work in the administrative team

1 Landesverdienstorden NRW we received

0 Euro had to be paid by families for our workshops

THANK YOU to all sponsors!

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