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Living the Diversity

In the theater project, children and young people went on an exploratory journey into their own personalities through acting.

Under the guidance of the  KRASS actress Ulrike Schwab offered  KRASe. V. schoolgirls of the GHS Benrath in Düsseldorf the opportunity to discover themselves in a theater project and freely express their wishes and opinions.

The artistic work sent the students on a journey of exploration into their own personalities, strengths and talents. It helps the young people to reflect on their own lives, develop social skills and, in ensemble, gain the knowledge and strength to actively shape their own lives and the environment.

Original sound

„We are very happy to see and experience how the children and young people use their creativity to draw attention to their feelings. With such enthusiasm, motivation and openness, as only children manage to capture an audience.“ Uwe Rittmann, Senior Partner PwC


Teilnehmer: 90 young people aged 12 to 16
Schirmherrschaft: Uwe Rittmann, Senior Partner PwC
Hauptsponsor: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
Bündnispartner: GHS Hauptschule Benrath

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