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Music therapy with the children from the Pediatric Clinic in Düsseldorf

Lying in hospital for weeks or months is an awful situation – even for adults. An extreme load for sick children and their parents. In addition to the physical discomfort come endless days and thus often simple boredom. Especially for children a comprehensive treatment beyond the purely medical support is important on the way to recovery.

Necessary treatments during the time of illness can strongly limit children in their physical and mental agility. Music can help pick up courage and have fun again regardless of the situation. That’s why KRASS e.V. has now launched the project “Music makes little hearts leap with joy!” in the Children’s Hospital of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

Every Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30, the children in the hospital ward are animated to let off steam with singing and instruments and to forget their illness for a moment. From the beginning, the project has been enthusiastically received by the kids and the “mini-orchestra” usually consists of 12 children of all ages.

The free music event forms a great alternative to the well-organized hospital routine and gives courage. “I want to teach children how to laugh, to have great enthusiasm for what they do and to teach children that they are capable of so many things – even if they are ill or permanently living with limitations” as Stephan from “KRASS e.V.” explains his commitment.


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