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The one-year project #Style your rights introduces children and young people to #children’srights in a playful and creative way. Several rights are used as a topic in workshop parts, in which creative and artistic methods are taught and tried out to visualize the rights.

The project is divided into 4 parts over a period of one year. Each part ends with a reflection in the form of a partial presentation followed by feedback from the lecturers and the audience.

At the end of the year, all workshop parts are culminating in a grand final presentation (according to the pandemic AHA rules, of course), where all results will be presented again. The use of female and male educators is intended to demonstrate “gender justice”. In addition, female employees interact with male visitors and male employees interact with female visitors. The aim is to prevent stereotypes and to weaken traditional cultural role models. The culture educators who supervise, accompany all methodological approaches and intervene in a helping and appreciative manner if necessary.

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