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The KulturMobil honks its horn in Düsseldorf

Our free mobile offer !

We are where the children are! Due to #Corona, our KRASS professional artists will not travel to playgrounds in the Düsseldorf area again until spring 2022. Equipped with paper, paints and brushes and lots of good humor, our goal is to offer children and young people a variety of art and creativity in their  living environment. In doing so, we respond to the often lack of access to cultural education in many urban districts.  „The children do not have to be brought to the art – the art comes to the children!“ 

With our mobile bus, we reach children and young people from all parts of the city and all family, cultural and social backgrounds and give them the opportunity to discover their creativity and own talents, regardless of any prerequisites or hurdles.

As soon as the KulturMobil is set up, the first children come and take part in the free art program. During painting, the spontaneous ideas of the children are implemented and moreover, they are encouraged to live out their artistic freedom.

There are always new children, but also some who already know us and welcome us cheerfully. The children are happy for the change, but the parents are also excited, curious and relieved to put their children in our care and “have a free moment.”

The children are given the freedom to develop individually and creatively. There will also be an opportunity to provide interested parents with more information about KRASS. Photos can be viewed here.

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