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The project “anders” 7.0

“anders” a youth project by KRASS e.V. presented its results for the seventh time. Young people with different interests, talents and cultures worked together for 4 months and exchanged their diverse perspectives and world views artistically.

anders 7.0 presented its results in the form of an exhibition (photo, painting, graffiti), a live show (live music, rap, singing, beatbox) and a documentary film. During the project, the participants dealt intensively with the topics of gender diversity, identity, living with a wheelchair, Corona and its restrictions on their freedom and the current events surrounding the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Project anders 6.0.

Original sound: This time we won’t make it with the theater „Physiker“, I’m in exam stress, can’t we do it during the summer vacations?

Due to the high number of participants, positive feedback from the youth and the many new girls, we started with different 6.0. with the beginning of the summer vacations 2019. Our goal was to expand or update the content: Peer to Peer and Sustainability. Based on “how does anders work”.

The study “What makes young people tick in 2016?” by the SINUS Institute shows: Young people in Germany still live in different lifeworlds, but they are moving closer together in more ways than one. Most 14 to 17-year-olds today want to be like everyone else.

Some young people will or will never be able to be like everyone else!
Only when all people can participate in shaping society on an equal footing and there is no longer a division into “us” and “them” and diversity has become the norm, do we speak of successful integration – INCLUSION.

Provocative subcultures hardly exist today, the authors of the study summarize: “A majority of young people agree that a common set of values of freedom, enlightenment, tolerance and social values must apply, especially in this day and age.

It’s amazing how quickly the tide can turn. Yesterday, all the young people were well-behaved and well-adjusted; today, their hats are on fire. They take to the streets and express their opinions in “fridays for future” on their most pressing issue: climate change!

anders 6.0 is a project in which young personalities with limitations but special talents can present themselves, creatively develop and express themselves with the abilities given to them.

anders 6.0 is an integrative project in which young people from different backgrounds can get to know each other and exchange their diverse perspectives and world views in an artistic way. In a provided “sanctuary” they bring each other closer to their cultures.

anders 6.0 presents its results, exhibition, performance, live show with poems, short stories, photography, graffiti, painting, music, video collection, documentation, press.

Autors: Idea, concept, projekt management: Jason Firchow and Barbara Rückert
anders 6.0 is a project for the target group 14 – 27 years old

Rap lyrics

Participants come from the following schools and institutions:
• Heinrich – Heine Gesamtschule
• Dieter-Forte Gesamtschule
• Flora Realschule
• Hispi Das Lernhaus
• fridays for future

Goals of anders 6.0
 Make up your own mind
 Strengthen self-worth and self-confidence
 Individual promotion of creativity
 Initiative, motivation, enthusiasm, fun
 Shared successes, strengthen group dynamics, team skills
 Formation of own cultural language, broadening of horizons, cultural exchange
 Artistic activities as a form of positive communication and integration
 Conveying the basic message that “everyone can be artistically active and express themselves.”
 Conveying the basic message “You are different and that’s a good thing!”

The project anders 5.0.

goes into the 5th round. For young people between 14 and 20 years.
Every Monday from 17:30-21:00 in the House of Youth (JAB) on Lacombletstraße in Düsseldorf. We thank from the bottom of our hearts theElsa Hilft gGmbH, the company Firma Sonnen Herzog, and the association SpendeZeit, because without your financial support our work with the young people would not be possible.

anders 5.0 is an integrative project in which young people from different backgrounds can get to know each other and exchange their diverse perspectives and world views in an artistic way.

The Project anders 4.0.

Anders presented itself for the fourth time. New texts were rapped, poems were written and slammed, white canvases were transformed into brightly colored ones, films were made and photographs were taken. New sounds beatboxed, plucked and struck, wild heads and old braids off, that is lived diversity at the project different.

Our project anders.4.0 was designed to work out the diversity and talents of the individual participants and to strengthen their personalities. anders is an integrative project in which young people from the most diverse backgrounds could express themselves in a provided protected space and creatively develop and get to know each other through different perspectives and world views.

The target group was 40 young people aged 14 to 20 from 16 nations. (Gambia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, USA, Russia, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Zimbabwe, Somalia, France, Spain, Albania, Ghana, Tajikistan and Germany. 15 unaccompanied minor refugees (UMF) from a residential group of the Graf Recke Foundation, participants of two rap workshops by Jason Firchow and pupils of the Heinrich Heine Comprehensive School, among others.

The project was accompanied throughout by two artistic project leaders. The goal of the project was to present the results in a final exhibition with photography, art, painting, documentation, interview video collection, live dance performance and rap hip hop.

We celebrated the closing show on 2/16/2019 with over 100 guests.

I am different – and that’s cool!

How they define “being different”, what they think about it and how they feel- With a multi-faceted stage program on the topic of “diversity”, the “anders 3.0” project participants of different nationalities inspired their audience.


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„What the young people have put together with their artistic project leaders is incredibly great“, enthuses KRASS founder Claudia Seidensticker in front of the hall of the Icklack leisure facility. The final event of the integrative project „anders 3.0“ delighted not only the founder of KRASS e.V.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsor, the Albert Sevinc Stiftung

During a performance night, the young people presented what they had been working on over the past ten weeks on the topic of „diversity“. Numerous works were created, ranging from short films to painting & graffiti to rap and poetry. „We think it’s great when the young people find their own genre to express their thoughts and feelings,“ said project leaders Barbara Rückert and Jason Firchow, who supported the participants in creating the works. The stage program was impressive: a short film that critically examines the topic of „consumer society,“ a heartrending poem dedicated to the topics of flight and displacement, and hip-hop lyrics about friendships and „being different“.

For Darleen, the closing event marks the end of a very important time. The 14-year-old comprehensive school student not only made many new friends during the „anders 2.0“ project, but also gained personal insights: While she preferred to be in the background before participating in the project, she now noticed that she can also feel comfortable right in the front. „I faced an uncomfortable situation and outgrew myself on stage,“ said the participant, who hopes that young people will take advantage of the „great“ offer from KRASS e.V. Kilian and Manuel also look back on a personal development with the final event. Both are grateful to their project leaders for the support: „We were able to express ourselves completely freely and became more and more creative in our ideas as time went on“.

In this way, the project leaders have also achieved their goal in the second edition of the successful „anders“ project, because Rückert and Firchow want to encourage the participants to listen to their inner selves and to enter into a cultural exchange with all the means of art. It is particularly important to the project leaders that the participants see their „being different“ as an opportunity.


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Here you can find videos with different impressions of the closing event with stage program of the anders projects.


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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