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Back to the roots

Experience and strengthen yourself through dance and music.

In various exercises, we want to awaken the children’s creativity. Role playing, physical exercise, playful dancers’ exercises, exercises for the perception of music, exercises to express different emotions and emotions through movement: We will ask questions which stimulate children and young people for them to reflect. We will work out a wide range of self-presentation exercises, such as producing videos, which can be made together or filmed by the children themselves. We will also talk about social media in the context, the use of videos on Youtube, Facebook etc.

The aim is to lead to artistic procedures and their implementation. The children are encouraged and strengthened in their creativity and motivated to find independent ideas for the realization of a dance piece. The children are imaginatively self-assured to prepare the content of the dance project together with us.

Together we ask ourselves questions and look for answers. Together, we devote ourselves to the themes of dance, movement, expression, music, film, self-presentation, exploring our own boundaries, recognizing, exploring and expanding our own comfort zone, and modern media.

Together with the children / young people we create a piece. Together with artists and stage designers we create the stage presentation and costumes. The crowning conclusion is the joint public performance.

Singing, dancing, playing, breathing are the basic needs of children and adolescents. They strengthen self-awareness, channel energies into creative channels and allow the public to participate.

If you would like to read the project description – here you can download it: ELSA dances_project description_web

We would like to thank ELSA hilft gGmbH for financial support. Only through such contributions, our “work” is possible! THANK YOU!

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