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Dear friends, whether lecturers, artists, volunteers, I am so happy that you are here today!

First and foremost, this celebration serves to inaugurate our brand new garden and greenhouse that Britta, Tanja, Luca and Moni have created with the help of the donation from Sonnen-Herzog, thank you, dear Margarete.

But we also take the inauguration of the house as an opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you for the great work this year.

We have grown again and have tackled an incredible number of great projects together.

A lot of energy went into working with the Ukrainian children, for whom we were also able to raise a lot of money – all the other refugee children we look after have also benefited from this.

We have further improved our structures and become more professional. We have found great new employees or they have found us! and keep us connected. We are an association that lives through voluntary commitment, but we are working flat out to generate donations, project funding and hopefully more.

In 2022 we received the State Cross of Merit from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and won numerous very important funding applications. We are on a very good path and I am happy to be able to continue on this with you.

An important step for us is that we have specialized even more in the admin team this year. This means that Carina is responsible for finance and controlling, while Hayat, as Head of Communications, is primarily involved in fundraising, sponsors and donors. Melanie Oberreuter has the Naku firmly in her hands and Ana runs the KulturMobil. I am very happy that the tasks are being distributed more and more clearly to individual heads.

Since we still have to account for every euro we spend very precisely and really have to explain every cent in the proof of use, I ask you lecturers to continue to account for your projects and record your participants as cleanly as has mostly been the case up to now.

As I said, nothing works at KRASS without volunteering, so we have prepared an award for you, dear volunteers, in the form of a medal.

Now enjoy it and enjoy the evening: thank you!

Greetings from your Claudia

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