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KRASS Guenzburg

Who am I?
My name is Susanne Dorner and I am a certified ceramist, creative educator, EKP-group leader and lecturer. For several years, I have been predominantly conceiving and deriving ceramic courses and workshops in various educational institutions. My methodology is to bring tools and techniques to the children in a playful way in order to get them enthusiastic about artistic and handcrafted design. This way the children learn about the power of their imagination and the possibilities of creative work. For me personally the formation process is more important than the product itself.

All children have a special gift: they are creative by birth. This special gift I want to help maintain and develop further. In my opinion the teaching of art and culture shouldn’t be a question of money. Through creative experience children and teenagers can broaden their worldview and strengthen their personality. Skills and talents are encouraged and supported. Children have the basic need to implement their creative ideas. They want to understand the world with their own hands and leave traces. Therefore they need space and time.

Year of foundation?
Under the name “KRASS on-site Guenzburg” I have been a Social Franchise Partner since March 2016.

Current projects

  • An “Empty Bowls – campaign” in winter 2016
  • A mobile studio visiting refugee homes in the district of Günzburg
  • Courses in Guenzburger primary schools
  • A summer – painting activity in 2017 with the working title “painting in the city”

Susanne Dorner
mobile: +49 8221 3674715

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